Danielle - Wiping Cum All Over Your Loser Face

I’m gonna watch you jerk off into your own hand and then I’m gonna make you wipe it all over your loser face. I want you to imagine me and all my bratty friends are right there making you do it. Laughing at your stupid embarrassed face as you pump your loser-load into our hands. We’d take your disgusting load and smear it all over your humiliated face and laugh at you and take photos to share. Losers like you deserve to be humiliated as you jerk your pathetic cocks to out-of-your league girls. You deserve to wear your disgusting slime all over your face – you deserve to be ridiculed by me and my girlfriends – keep jerking loser – I want to see your face covered in your own mess!

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Danielle - Wiping Cum All Over Your Loser Face Jerk off me

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