Madam Violet - Eat. Pay. Love

Eat, pay love. It is simple yet so fucking hot and it is easy to repeat so get it right and reach heady heights (or dark depths) of surrendered ecstasy. I put you down into trance without you even really realising it, so natural and effortless, you want to learn, you want to be better, you will leant to eat it pay for it and LOVE it. A scared act of worship, a dirty little fetish…it’s all the same to me. It is required, it is expected; you CUM you EAT you PAY and you LOOVE every single second, every single drop. As you edge yourself for My big tits it’s so hard to keep hold of control, especially when you do not have any anyway. I have all the control, you are just along for the ride. Under trance your mind OBEYS what it is told, your cum will taste delicious, you will savour every morsel, you will cave even more. I make you lick up your pre-cum, an appetiser to whet your appetite and then I make you EDGE some more….I make you NEEEEED the taste of your CUM. I make you PAY first so you can fully concentrate. I count you down….Eat pay LOVE, eat pay LOVE, eat PAY love, SAY IT! Obey it…do it….EAT IT! I wake you up as you clean the last drops, good boy. This is your mantra, this is your way of life. Eat it, pay for it, love it.

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Madam Violet - Eat. Pay. Love Jerk off me

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