Natasha's Bedroom – No Way Out CEI

Close your eyes as you wrap your hand around that hard, excited cock. As you begin to slowly stroke, I want you to imagine a big load of cum shooting out of that cock. Where do you want that load to land? Do you want to just wipe it away, or are you desperate to taste it? To feel it? To smell and savor it? Gently stroke that cock up and down as you envision a creamy stream shooting right out of your cock into your open mouth. Picture the way you would lap it all up. You’d hold it in that mouth, taking in its heavy taste, until you finally swallowed it all down. It’s your ultimate fantasy. Going through with it. Eating cum for the first time. The idea turns you on incredibly, but the reality of eating your own cum seems impossible. You always shy away. You always turn back. You just can’t compel yourself to devour that jizzy payout. It’s what you crave, but your craving repels you. I know just how to make it happen. I will put you in a vulnerable position, where your load of sticky hot semen will stream into your mouth by default, and then I will make you lose control. I’ll take away the element of choice and make the act of eating your own load inevitable. There will be no way out of this creamy treat. And once the inevitable occurs, once your mouth is brimming with gooey cum, I will make sure you enjoy every drop of it. I’ll leave you craving more and more.

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Natasha's Bedroom – No Way Out CEI Jerk off me

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