Goddess Madam Violet - CEI Just The Way you Like It

I have the power to make your cum taste delicious, to turn the act of CUM eating into a devotional, deeply pleasurable act....but you don’t want that, do you. You want to revel in the humiliation and the degradation. You want to be humiliated, verbally and psychologically abused as you stroke your cock as you eat your repugnant cock-snot.

I am insulting, mean, dismissive and the words I say will cut DEEP because the blade of truth is SHARP and unstoppable. As you perv at My perfect body, as your cock twitches with every scornful glance, with every hurtful insult you just become even HARDER. It’s not fun for you unless you feel like shite, unless I tell you, you’re a piece of worthless filth, unwanted by everyone.

It feels so good to hate yourself, to degrade yourself, to agree with Me as I dismantle your broken psyche, encouraging you to cry, hahaha!! PATHETIC!! You will cum in your mouth, in your face, you will OBEY Me, you will endure the abuse because it’s ALL YOU UNDERSTAND, being degraded makes you feel good...

Fucking loser, now CUM!!! Swallow it, rub it in, spread it around your stupid ugly face, taste your failure...taste your hopelessness...now FUCK OFF!!

Contains: verbal and psychological humiliation, cum eating instruction, JOI, masturbation encouragement, femdom-pov, tit worship, arrogant woman, men following orders, topless.

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Goddess Madam Violet - CEI Just The Way you Like It Jerk off me

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