Lindsey Leigh - Eat Your Cum For Lindsey

Its been a long time since Ive fed you your hot cum. You must be aching for it. How many weeks has it been? Wow that long huh? Were going to have to have to feed you today, but how should goddess do it? With a cup? Oh no, I want you to shoot the load directly onto your face, right into your mouth. Go ahead touch yourself, watch me caress my body while you pleasure yours. Do you like my long legs, big tits and seductive teasing? Keep pumping for me until you are as weak as you have ever been, then keep pumping. For the next 15 minutes, this is just you and I. You are mine, completely and utterly mine. Get ready for me to feed you your cum, open wide…

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Lindsey Leigh - Eat Your Cum For Lindsey Jerk off me

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