Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Self Facial Game

I've got a game for you, slut. You know that I'm internet famous, but you don't have any idea what it's like to have the sort of notoriety I have. I want you to aspire to that. You're going to have your own little video project and post it up on the internet for all to see. Specifically, I want you to cum all over your face. You're going to set yourself up with some good lights, a good angle, and a good camera so you can film yourself jerking onto your own face and then post it on the internet. We're going to see how many comments and likes you get. I think if I can put my body on the internet, you can too. If you get enough comments, this could be the beginning of a whole series of humiliating internet videos.

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 Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Self Facial Game Jerk off me

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