Princess Lacey - Take Shots of Cum from Ruined Orgasms

I'd like to have a Masturbation instruction with edging and cei. Please start the clip with telling me to have a shot glass ready. Then you tease me with your hot body and sexy moves. Please do lots of countdowns in this clip which you interrupt before the end for a nice edging. In the first half you finish one countdown for a ruined orgasm into the shot glass and tell me to keep it for later then the teasing and edging goes on. Before the end you tell me to drink the glass up or maybe to keep the cum in my mouth for a while, as you like. Then you can do some countdowns again. You decide if there is again a ruined orgasm or an real orgasm at the end. Either way it goes in the glass again and you command to drink it. Would be great if you would wear a sexy, skimpy outfit with nice sandals on your barefeet. Maybe you want to dedicate some of the countdowns to special body parts. Like come close to the camera with your beautiful face or show your tits or ass to the cam. Your beautiful hands with those awesome fingernails and your perfect toes and shoes.

MP4 * 823 MB * 00:13:19 * 1920x1080

 Princess Lacey - Take Shots of Cum from Ruined Orgasms Jerk off me

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