Princess Lexie - You Cum - You’re Mine

I know your secret. I know how much you love to search the internet late at night, looking for that perfect FemDom clip to jerk-off to while your wife is fast out cold. And I know that when you found My clips by chance that a rush came over you like never before. You were instantly so excited and your cock harder than it’s been in years. I did this to you. I crawled inside your brain and made you weaker and hornier than ever before. I really do get a kick out of using and manipulating men just like you, and we both know I’m sooo good at it. You’re on the brink of total addiction now, which is precisely why I made this clip.

Yes you see, I know that you love edging to My clips all day and night but you haven’t yet had that sweet release of an orgasm at My command, one meant just for you. Every inch of Me oozes sex appeal, but My perfect big breasts make you especially weak, don’t they? I know they do. So today I’m going to give you one of the most erotic and seductive teases that I’ve ever done. After I get you all worked up and so horny, I will finish with a sexy cum countdown with Me in nothing but a handbra.

And once I’m finished with you: your mind, your wallet, and your cock will no longer be your own. They’ll be Mine.

MP4 * 300 MB * 00:15:07 * 1920x1080

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