Goddess Platinum - Wedding Day Requirements

Aww, so you want to marry me?? Isn’t that cute. An ugly, pathetic loser literally BEGGING a woman who is WAY out of your league to marry her. What’s that? You’ll do “ANYTHING” to marry me?? Ok…I can have some fun with that. Let’s see if you will agree to these terms…

You will need to download the clip to hear what I plan on putting you through just in order to marry me. But let’s just say it will be the most humiliating wedding ceremony in HISTORY! LOL For starters, I am going to walk you down the aisle on ALL FOURS on the end of a DAAWWG LEASH! Yes, in front of EVERYONE!! And wait til you hear the vows I make you recite in front of all of my friends and family!

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Goddess Platinum - Wedding Day Requirements Jerk off me

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