Bratty Bunny – CumCycle

Custom Clip – no names – “cum eating and cum play instruction clip, centered around playing with and eating a saved load. Tell me that you know I have always wanted to eat my cum, but never been horny enough to go through with it after I cum. So the only way to actually go through with it is to make sure I’m still horny when eating my cum. The way to do this is by eating a saved load. Tell me you want to make sure I’m super-horny for cum by getting me to play with the saved load. Then proceed to give me detailed cum-play instructions (including at least 1 cum facial) in whatever way you want with the saved load, while jerking off to stay horny. Then at the end, tell me to swallow it all down and cum into the container to save a load for the next time, putting me in an endless cycle of cum play and cum eating.”

MP4 * 459 MB * 00:15:15 * 854x480

Bratty Bunny – CumCycle Jerk off me

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