Violet Doll – Slap It Again

“Thank you Mistress for your help and time. Please don’t use any name in the video I would like a cbt instructions video. My favorite video by you is “Slap It”, where you tell me to slap my dick and balls as I stroke. I know cbt isn’t a listed category, but another video by you telling me to hurt myself has been something I have wanted for so long. I have even purchased some other videos by you that have cbt in them, but none match “Slap It”. I hope that you can find time to give me another video like “Slap It” after all the tributes and gift cards. This is what I would like: I would like the video to start with you telling me to get naked an on my knees for you. I typically prefer cbt that is just with my hand and no tools, but I am okay with being told to hurt myself with string, rubber bands, hard-cover books, and wooden spoons, though I don’t want to have to use more than that if any of that. I would like you to wear something similar to what you wore in “Slap It”, something that shows a lot of skin and is tight around your body, and please be blonde with your hair down. You can tease me a lot throughout the video with your gorgeous body and tell me to stroke when I have a free hand. You can decide if I get to cum or not at the end. You could even tell me to pause the video and watch “Slap It” again with an extra stipulation and come back to the custom video before you decide if I can cum or not. Thank you, Mistress.”

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Violet Doll – Slap It Again Jerk off me

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