Lady Nina - Rejected and humiliated by the stripper

Im a high paid, in demand stripper. You've paid me to dance at your private party in your hotel suite. As the night draws to an end, thousands of dollars later, it's time for me to leave. You've no more ca$h anyhow, as i know, so I am off! Being the selfish, horny, loaded, pig you are. You forget I GOT PAID TO TOLERATE YOU! You try and charm me into staying, making a cocky remark about "paying in dick." Things don't go so well for you after that... You though i would fancy YOU! You wanna pay ca$h? or you wanna meet my HUGE boyfriend tonight who'll beat the ca$h out of you? Use a mark up code for me : WEAKAF = +50% EXTRAWEAKAF = +100% BANKRUPTME250 = +250% BANKRUPTME500 = +500% BANKRUPTME1000 = +1000%

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Lady Nina - Rejected and humiliated by the stripper Jerk off me

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