Ceara Lynch - You ll Never Get Rid Of Me

Once I’ve started blackmailing you, there is no escape. You can’t just break –up with me. Have you forgotten the reasons why you became my blackmail slave in the first place? I know EVERYTHING about you and can ruin you instantly. Within a moment you’re already on your knees, throwing money at my feet, begging for my mercy. You know your place is beneath me, stroking to my perfection and paying tribute to your Goddess. See, you were never leaving. No matter what you say, or how hard you try, you’ll just be lying to yourself. You are bound for life to me or else you won’t have a life anymore to go back to. This is forever, I own you until you’ve completely wasted away into the dirt.

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Ceara Lynch - You ll Never Get Rid Of Me Jerk off me

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