Goddess Kyaa, Ceara Lynch - The Angel and The Devil on Your Shoulders

This video audio mindfuckery at it's best! Filmed using a stereo microphone so that if you listen with stereo headphones or properly set up stereo or surround sound speakers you will actually hear my voice coming from one side and Ceara's coming from the other, creating a powerful audio effect that makes it feel as though we we are actually there with you! This is especially intense when listened to with headphones.
The metaphor of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, one guiding you into obedience and salvation while the other tempts you into debauchery and deprivation, is an old one. It's deeply ingrained into Western society and often represented in stories, comics, TV and movies. I've taken this metaphor and put my own kinky femdom twist on it, creating a brainwashing video that will leave you torn between the path of good and the path of evil.
I play the Angel, whispering encouragingly to you, commanding you to obey and serve without fear, to deny yourself all pleasure and give everything to one perfect Goddess you serve. Ceara Lynch aptly plays the Devil, whispering wicked temptations to you, ordering you to jerk your loser dick, do depraved things to yourself and slut around to every sexy woman you can find online. Together we overwhelm your senses, each of us leading you down separate paths at the same time. The best part is we have a common goal... to fuck with your pervert mind until you are so confused and horny that you spiral even further into your femdom obsession.
Listen to the Angel and the Devil on your shoulders if you dare! No man has the will to resist them.

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Goddess Kyaa, Ceara Lynch - The Angel and The Devil on Your Shoulders Jerk off me

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