Princess Miki - Virgin Pillow Humper

Boy, do I love virgins – especially Miki addicted virgins.

If you really badly wanted to lose your virginity, you might have been able to. Yes, you would have to stoop very, very low, especially in comparison to Me… but since meeting Me, you’ve raised your standards so high that you refuse to even dream of being inside a pussy, since you sure as hell can’t be inside mine.

So you’ve accepted your fate of being a pussy-free-virgin for life. But as I am so kind, I will allow you to have sex today, but only with someone very special.

Here she is, the very thing you rest your head on at night. You will hump this pillow until you cum, as this is the only way you’re allowed to cum today.

Make Me laugh, virgin. I know I’m the only thing that matters to you, and My amusement is the only way you could ever pleasure Me, since I won’t let your dick anywhere near My pussy.

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 Princess Miki - Virgin Pillow Humper Jerk off me

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