Princess Fierce - The Homo Antidote

Take these two pills and rid yourself of your homosexual desires. These pills reprogram your sexuality and make you straight. I wouldn’t lie to you… Swallow them and the effects will be felt immediately. What I forgot to mention was the side effects of these meds. They never made it to the market due to their extreme side effects experienced by male patients in clinical trials. I was able to snag these pills and trick you into thinking they would alter your hormones and make you crave women only. Your meds will pump your body full of faggot adrenaline and make you start acting out on your dick desires. You feel your erection grow as I taunt and tease you about how I tricked you and removed any ounce of straightness left in your body. I make you masturbate in front of me while I describe your new fag cock whore lifestyle. Once I make you cum you won’t feel the need to suppress your homo urges, in fact you will only feel the desire to go out and find cock to suck off and nut in your face.

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Princess Fierce - The Homo Antidote Jerk off me

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