Natasha's Bedroom - Beginner Toilet Tasks

Your fantasies are being increasingly perverse. Simply jerking off to tits and porn and all those normal male masturbatory pleasures no longer really does it for you. You're ready to take a walk on the filthy side. You need to be nasty. Gross. Trained into a perverted toilet slave.

Your life of filth begins right now. The tasks you're soon to complete for me are your initiation into the toilet slave existence.

I know just how far to make you go. I'll take you deep enough into the depths of depravity that you won't be able to turn back, but not so far that you'll chicken out and retreat before truly taking the plunge. And, of course, I'll tease you with tantalizing details about your future life as MY personal toilet slave.

My tone is sensual. My tasks are designed to be completable by beginners and advanced toilet slaves alike; no previous experience necessary. I will guide you through every step of the way, with the encouragement, brainwashing, and jerk off instructions that will keep you motivated. More than motivated! Aroused by how you're going further than you ever have before.

Get ready, pervert. This clip is more than just an exciting watch; it's a thrilling dive into the wild side.

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Natasha's Bedroom - Beginner Toilet Tasks Jerk off me

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