Danni King – Real Men Get Me, You Get Tissues

It’s pathetic that jerking off into a ball of tissues while mean girls like me humiliate you is now your sexlife don’t you think? You listen to me berate and insult you calling you all the humiliating names that make your puny dick hard until you’re ready to blow your icky load. Do you realise that normal guys actually get to fuck hot girls like me? I dress up like this for real men, I wear the prettiest lingerie, the sexiest dresses, the sweetest perfume and the hottest heels for REAL MEN – not you. Then I fuck them and suck their cocks and do everything they like to turn them on. Real men get to cum in me – not into a full of tissues! Their sex lives are full of girls like me, rubbing our perfect bodies over their huge Alpha cocks, sometimes two or three girls at a time. They get me, looking as hot as I can just for them – just so they can enjoy fucking me as much as possible. You NEVER get that. All you get is me verbally degrading you – calling you a faggot, a sissy, a beta wimp CUCKOLD LOSER! It’s so fucking pathetic but it’s exactly what you deserve. I’m going to humiliate you and tell you exactly what I think of you while you edge yourself to insanity. Gooning over my perfect body and my pretty face as I ridicule you for stroking your cock into your tissue girlfriend. Understand that this gross little experience is the closest you’ll EVER get to fucking me – or any girl for that matter. All you get is tissues from now on loser – just accept that you’ll never be able to compete with a real man for girls like me.

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Danni King – Real Men Get Me, You Get Tissues Jerk off me

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