Natasha's Bedroom - Loser Conditioning Game

On one level, this humiliation clip is just a simple JOI game. When I show you my two middle fingers, you jerk hard and horny and fast. When I pull them away, you assume the hands off position and wait with bated breath. Seems simple, yeah?

Not so fast.

What I'm doing here is more than simply taking control of your cock. I'm also taking control of your mind and your very arousal triggers. The human mind is malleable, especially when it comes to the realm of sexuality, and *especially* when it involves a horny loser's mind.

You stroke for my middle fingers, and your brain records the experience. Your mind remembers that it felt oh so good to be flipped off. Pleasure follows humiliation. Humiliation makes you hard. And then your mind recalls the blue balling misery in the absence of humiliation. Without it, you are soft. When my middle fingers are erect, you are erect. When my middle fingers are flaccid, you become flaccid. You are simply waiting for the pleasure of abuse.

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Natasha's Bedroom - Loser Conditioning Game Jerk off me

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