Jessi Belle - The Fate of Virgins

*No sex, Goddess Jessi taunts and instructs you on how you are going to have sex from now on.*

What happens when you're a virgin for too long? Does your dick fall off? You become asexual? You become attracted to everyone just so you can fuck?

No one seems to really know, so why don't we figure this out together? Some people find someone later in life. It happens, but that doesn't happen for you! You're going to be a virgin forever and this is what will happen to you.

Virgins that will never, ever get laid have no real purpose. You won't procreate, you won't satisfy men or women, so why not just be a fuckable asshole. You should just bend over and spread your cheeks, and take a dick in the ass.

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Jessi Belle - The Fate of Virgins Jerk off me

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