Tara Tainton - Ive Got You Right Where I Want You

Oh, yes, it’s me again. Right over here. I’m looking at you… through your monitor. Did you know that every time you watch one of my videos, I can see you? Right through to your own home and watch exactly what you’re doing?
I’ve had my eye on you… I’ve been watching you all along. I know you’ve been watching me, surrendering to my instructions… and with your every orgasm. I can SEE right through the screen to how submissive you are. I’ve been watching you jerk off for me for ages. I now know all your weaknesses. And I’m going to make you my slave forever.
It all begins right now… while I’ve got your complete attention… as you begin to fall into a trance… as you’re mesmerized more than ever by my beauty – and my bust. I’m going to take over your own mind… your cock is mine!

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