Natasha's Bedroom – Public Humiliation

**There’s nothing dangerous or against the law in this clip. There’s nothing that will ruin your life. Any good sub can complete these tasks without any serious consequences beyond extreme embarrassment, so don’t worry. Turn off your defenses. Submit yourself to my control.**
What’s the most embarrassing kind of humiliation task? An act of public humiliation.
Showing everyone what a silly little loser you are, shaming and debasing yourself in front of others. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing for me today.
I have a list of tasks for you to complete, an onslaught of public humiliation assignments. Why? Because I want you to. Because I think it’s hilarious. Because I want to have a good laugh, and I know you’ll do anything to please me.
You’ll edge for me as I tell you exactly what to do. Stroking and jerking and hornier than ever with thoughts of degrading and embarrassing yourself in front of strangers. Desperate to cum. But will I allow you to explode?
Yes. But not yet. You’ll be denied and blue balled until you finish all of your homework for me. Once you’ve been a very good boy, you can watch the second part of this clip, where a big orgasm is your reward.
This clip is extremely hot. Brace yourself.

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Natasha's Bedroom – Public Humiliation Jerk off me

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