Bratty Bunny - Loser Beta Virgin Wimp

Custom Clip – No Names: “im a 21 year old virgin wimp. humiliate me for being such a scrawny little beta loser. i was bullied in high school and still get bullied today. bring up all the embarrassing stories the jocks and alphas used to do to me. they would grab me by my tighty whities and give me wedgies constantly in front of hot girls in the locker bay. another time they in the locker room after gym they grabbed me and dragged me to a toilet and gave me a swirly with their and piss in it. also in gym class i crapped my pants trying to do a pull up in front of the whole class and i couldn’t even do one pull up. i was the laughing stock of the school after that. at the end make me shove something up my ass and make me cum on the floor and lick it all up. make sure that i know that you own me and that i will be a virgin loser paying you for the rest of my life while the alphas get to fuck hot girls like you.”

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Bratty Bunny - Loser Beta Virgin Wimp Jerk off me

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