Madam Violet - Case Closed

Powerful, influential men have been dying, and the city can’t make head nor tail of it. All the victims have died, strangely, with their dicks exposed. There was a mysterious oil covering their mouths, and toxicology hasn’t made any progress in identifying it. However, there’s been a break in the case, and you a young up and coming detective, got a lead on your location, and confront the suspect in her apartment.
She’s wearing nothing but a sheer robe and thong which immediately fucks with your head. You can just make out her breasts, but you know you must not stare. She offers you a drink which you decline…you feel hot, you feel a growing sense of unease, and a definite shifting in your pants. When She speaks to you it’s hard to think.
Before you know what’s happened you are furiously stroking your cock, seeing glimpses of Her large breasts make you so weak as She takes advantage of your youth, your virility, your cock that always get you in trouble. You recognise you’ve lost control, but you do not care, you just want to CUM for HER. You stroke and She is confessing to the murders. She doesn’t want to explain how She did it, She want to show you.
The price is your life and you do not care…CUM She says as She throws open her robe…as you cum for the last time you finally see Her perfect tits, She drizzles them in oil and invites you take one kiss to seal your fate…and close the case.

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Madam Violet - Case Closed Jerk off me

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