Eva de Vil – A Beginner’s Guide to Bum Fun

So you’re interested in experimenting with a bit of bum fun but all the anal videos out there involve taking the most enormous cock possible in your horny, gaping boy pussy and pounding yourself with the ferocity of a power drill… and you’re just not quite ready for that. This is a sensual and encouraging guide to help you get to know your bottom a little better and to start exploring the pleasure of anal play.

For our first session, you will only need lubrication and a rubber glove, if you wish to have a barrier with your fingers. You’ll start gently as I instruct you to relax and gently insert your fingers inside. We’ll soon turn you into that anal slut I know you’re dreaming of becoming, but for now, let’s take it slow.

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Eva de Vil – A Beginner’s Guide to Bum Fun Jerk off me

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