Mila Amora – Choose Your Life Partner

There comes a time when every guy, even losers like you, needs to settle down with the girl they intend on spending the rest of their lives with. It’s a big decision, right? Committing to having sex exclusively with the same girl for the rest of your life. Real men date a string of girls, fuck dozens of beautiful women until they find the one they know will give them a lifetime of pleasure. Loser beta-wimps like you don’t have that privilege. You spend years watching better men getting all the girls you drool over. You remain inadequate virgins, intimidated by hot dominant girls like me and forced to be submissive to us. You don’t get to choose a girl to be with for the rest of your life, but I am going to allow you to choose the partner you’re gonna fuck for the rest of your life. Here are your choices virgin boy. 1 – The Fleshlight 2 – The Humpy Pillow 3 – The Blow-Up Doll. Choose wisely loser because once you’ve decided upon your life partner – that’s all you’ll get to fuck FOREVER! You could spend your life filling your fleshlight with lube and jerking yourself off into your plastic pussy in front of your humili-porn. Drain your virgin cummies into the silicone tube as you accept this is the closest you’ll ever get to fucking a real girl. Or would you prefer to hump your pillow like a total loser? Take your pillow girlfriend to bed every night and rub your icky loser-stick into her until you leak your filth all over her. Imagine just how fucking gross your humpy pillow will be after just a few weeks – Eugh! Or will you fuck your pretty blow-up girlfriend? You only get one doll loser so make sure you’re super gentle with her – you won’t be replacing her if she bursts!

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Mila Amora – Choose Your Life Partner Jerk off me

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