Youre curious as to why Ashley invited you over. Shes says that she has something to tell you. She wasnt planning on telling you about this, but she decided that you should know. She says that when you were away last weekend, Ashley went to a party with her boyfriend. Do you know who she saw there? Your girlfriend. Youre surprised because your girlfriend said she stayed home last weekend. Ashley says she was surprised too because she says that your girlfriend was all over another guy. When Ashley walked over to confront her, your Tipsy girlfriend admits to her that you have a small dick. Ashley says thats why she decided to go out and find another guy.
As Ashley is telling you this, she realizes that you are becoming turned on. She laughs. Youre so pathetic, no wonder your girlfriend was looking for something else. Ashley is curious though. She really wants to see just how small your dick is. She asks you to pull it out to show her. It really is pathetic. Ashley says you can stroke it since youll really enjoy hearing what else your girlfriend did that night. Ashley tells you how your girlfriend sucked two big dicks that night while you stroke your little dick.

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Ashley Alban - NO WONDER SHE CHEATED Jerk off me

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