Kitty Devine - Pimping You Out for $$$

When you answered my ad on the internet, you weren’t sure what to expect. All you knew was that you were going to some blonde chick’s house for a ‘fun time.’ Well, unfortunately, it’s only going to be a fun time for one of us. From this day forward, you are my bitch. This room that we’re sitting in is your new bedroom where you will live, rest, and work. This is a brothel, you see, and I am in charge. From now on, you’ll be engaging in gang bangs, bukkake…all kinds of fun stuff. My regulars love a newbie, so you’ll be taking up to 20 cocks every single night. Think I’m playing? Just try and escape, see what happens

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Kitty Devine - Pimping You Out for $$$ Jerk off me

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