Empress Mika - Teased Like Crazy

I know you losers love worshiping and stroking to Me every chance that you get. It is what you live for. You all become completely helpless and weak at the first glimpse of My flawless beauty and are held captive until I decide to release you from My intoxicating spell. There is nothing that you pathetic little boys can do to resist Me because you are weak for each and every part of My perfect body! So I am going to deepen your addiction by giving you the tease of your dreams. I will even let you stroke to Me just the way that you want and I promise there will be no tricks in this clip. But just because I am being generous and giving you the perfect tease, that does not mean that you are going to be allowed to cum. After all, you are still a disgusting little loser and we both know that all good things should come at a cost for boys like you. And who knows, maybe I will be extra generous and let you cum as well, but there is only one way to find out.

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 Empress Mika - Teased Like Crazy Jerk off me

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