Hypnotic Natalie - CBT JOI for losers like you

I heard that you’re feeling real horny after a long weekend without me by your side, without any new pics of vids from me to make you horny and happy hahaha you must have missed me a lot! Well, to prove how much you really missed me you will get a pen for me – preferably a black one, a nice long pair of shoe laces and some winter boots or shoes – as big as possible – and you won’t ask me a thing: you’ll see what I’m going to do to you with those hahaha 😉 now get those ready, get naked and play the video – I want you to do exactly as I say if you wanna be given permission to cum for me today, loser! So you better be extra super obedient

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Hypnotic Natalie - CBT JOI for losers like you Jerk off me

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