Princess Carmela - What My Cuckbitch Bought Me

This is just very simply me opening some gifts sent to me from my wishlist by some of my cuck-slaves. Did YOU send me some gifts? Then watch this to see if I thank you for them- or fucking laugh in your face. I honestly can't believe how pathetic some of you are, that you will literally buy not only ME gifts- but you will even buy gifts for my ALPHA BF too! And I have to tell you, we fucking LOVE using you cuck losers! This is like how life SHOULD be for ALL alpha couples like us!! BTW I think Alpha is going to wear these biker boots in some upcoming clips! He absolutely loved them. Who is going to PAY US to let you lick the dirt off of my Alpha's boot soles?? LOL! I wanna make someone do it!! (Besides my personal cuck-bitch. I already know I can make his dumb ass do whatever I want haha.) -Princess Carmela

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Princess Carmela - What My Cuckbitch Bought Me Jerk off me

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