Princess Kaylynn - Little Pathetic Faggots Deserve To Be Mindfucked

I know u can’t get enough of me. I know you can’t look away. I am true beauty. My perfection overwhelms you. And I, God Kaylynn, know that my most supreme power is manipulating & draining weak pathetic faggot fuckers like you.
You cannot help but submit to me. It’s beyond your control. You are caught in my gaze. I am completely perfect. I am your God. You will follow in my religion for the rest of your days. You are my servant, my loyal slave. Perfection is expensive, don’t expect this 2 be easy. And you will give me everything I deserve loser. Isn’t that what you get for being a fucking faggot?
Maybe you’re a sissy slut, or a panty boy, or maybe you’re just a cock sucker. I honestly don’t give a fuck. You’re just a stupid faggot who’ll never be able to please me. You’re fucking worthless to me other than your wallet. I fuck alpha men while I r.@.p.3. little faggots’ wallets. And there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact, it makes u so fucking hard.
I am God and you don’t stand a chance against me. I mindfuck faggots like you until they beg me to drain them and degrade them in the worst fucking ways. Your addiction to me is only beginning. You will drain yourself so hard for me. You won’t even realize it. I’ll be inside your faggot brain deeper than anyone has ever been. You will beg me 2 take it all while I treat u like that pathetic little faggot that you are.
You will live for me, you will soon understand that you go to work just to put money in my account. I have an insatiable lust for your cash and you will have this unending need to pay me. It will make your faggot cock twitch harder than it ever has. I am your God. You’re addicted to me. You are so devoted and I take advantage of you. And you love it.
I will lock up your pathetic cock and turn you into my chastity zombie and laugh at you while you suffer. You don’t deserve to get off, you don’t deserve a thing from me, faggot. I will own you forever. There’s no escape. Look into my eyes & know that I truly control u loser.

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Princess Kaylynn - Little Pathetic Faggots Deserve To Be Mindfucked Jerk off me

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