Mistress Lola Ruin - Forever a Virgin Loser

So, did you enjoy our date this evening? Thanks for coming back to My house even though it's so late. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed spending time with Me, that's very sweet. Before we go any further though, I feel like we should have a talk. I think I may have picked up on something on our date... care to divulge anything? No? Well... I was just wondering if you were a virgin or not. How could I tell? ALL women can tell. When I invited you back here, your eyes lit up and I saw a bulge in  those pants. To be honest, I am surprised I didn't see a wet patch there either. So, my suspicions were correct. So tell me... are you a virgin because you've never had a shot, or are you a virgin because you always fuck it up? You've certainly fucked it up tonight haven't you? So... it's time for me to confess to you. I have NO INTEREST in fucking a virgin loser like you. Why would I want to instruct My way through sex? I only want to fuck REAL men who know what they are doing. So I guess that counts you out doesn't it? You can forget all about tonight, but I do have something else in mind. You quite clearly need a woman to take control, so how about I take total control of you full time? You don't get to fuck Me, but I get to toy with you and torment you. Maybe I'll force you to watch other men fuck Me. That's probably the best offer you have ever gotten from a women, right? Let's begin your role as My little virgin bitch right now. I want you to get undressed and show Me what you are missing. HAHAHA! Well, I definitely made the right choice in not fucking you, there's no way I would feel that pathetic little pindick of yours is there? Even if you did manage to get a woman in bed, I bet they would reject you in an instant the moment they saw that...! Is it humiliating being rejected? Thinking you were finally going to lose your virginity, only to find out you are going to be even MORE of a bitch from now on. Here, let's torment you with what you're missing. Just look at this gorgeous, see through lingerie of Mine whilst you wank your virgin cock. I want you staring at what you can't have, My little virgin bitch. From now on, you are going to be a little house slave for Me. You're going to help Me get ready for dates with men who can actually please Me. You will pick out My lingerie, you will shave My legs for Me, you will change My bedsheets and you will watch Me as I am brought to orgasm over and over again by a REAL man. Perhaps I will sit back full weight on your face, right afterwards, both of our cum soaking through My panties and onto your face. That's the closest you will ever get to fucking Me. Do you understand Me little virgin bitch?

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 Mistress Lola Ruin - Forever a Virgin Loser Jerk off me

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