Natasha's Bedroom - Anal Bliss

Playing with your ass, exploring that forbidden hole, doesn't have to be an act of humiliation. In fact, it shouldn't be. There's so much enjoyment to experience from anal masturbation, and the taboo just makes it that much more exciting.
Today I'm going to take my time with you. You're going to explore the whole range of pleasure hidden in that hole, without an ounce of embarrassment or humiliation. We'll start with some gentle fingering, warming up your asshole one step at a time, and slowly ramping up the intensity. You'll be allowed to touch your cock for a few moments, when I say, but only to loosen up that hole. The real focus is on your ass.
We'll try out different toys, increasing in size and thickness. If you don't have toys, you can substitute fingers instead. Each step gently pushes your limits without pain, stretching out your asshole, and making it receptive to new heights of pleasure. There's no rush, just pure sensual enjoyment, building and building and building, until you feel like you can't take another second. Until you're about to burst. When you do cum, there will be no touching your cock. It'll be a prostate orgasm that shakes through your body, more intense than you thought  possible.
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