Worship Jasmine - Cheap Pathetic Slave

You idiots do make me laugh. You call yourself a 'Financial Slave' because you purchase all my Financial domination clips and that makes you a worthy slave. Oh gosh, you really are even more deluded that I first thought!

No, it doesn't, not in the slightest does it in fact. Buying my clips is feeding your addiction, you are getting something out of it as you are getting to feast your perverted eyes on my hot body and have my 'time'. A real financial slave doesn't need 'content' in order to serve. Doesn't need to be demanded and knows how to make me happy. There is a huge difference between real slaves and perverted submissive idiots but either way I shall still take your money and laugh in your face and either way you can't help but keep buying my clips over and over again. I worsen your addiction, I fuel your obsession with my hot clips and I make you drool like never before. So this just another clip to add to your ever growing collection isn't it you pathetic piece of s.h1t.

MP4 * 717 MB * 00:08:17 * 1280x720

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