Goddess Allexandra - Cuckold Husband

At first, i do not like your idea f opening up our relationship, i think it is strange. However, i soon realize i that i will massively benefit from the new arrangement.
So, i decide that i am taking control of our marriage. You come home to me getting ready, for a date; and you assume we are going out for your Birthday. You’re wrong, i’m actually going on a date with my ex. You remember my ex, right? You know, the one with the huge dick.
I lock you in chastity, and instruct you t wait until i get home. I’m out for hours, and the anticipation gets you so worked up. I finally come home, and you can hear me chatting and kissing my ex at the door.
I tell you all about my night, from the intimate details to the very graphic. I tell you all about the sex we had, and how he pleasured me. I take you out of your cage, and allow you to stroke.
I remove my soaked and very creamy/cummy panties, and make you stroke with them. I want you to feel his cum, and my own, all over your cock. I want you to massage the sticky mess into your shaft.
I order you to cum all over the messy panties, and then eat it all up. That’s right, i want you lick up all the cum.
I tell you all about our new life. You finally get you live your dream life, as my Cuckold husband.
Add One because I Deserve it.
Be my Good Boy.

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