Princess Miki - Happy Honeymoon 2

Happy honeymoon, sweetheart. I can’t believe we’re finally married. Crazy, isn’t it?

It must be so overwhelming for you to see Me in lingerie at last. Pretty, isn’t it? And since we’ve waited until marriage to have sex, this should be an incredible experience…

Except that isn’t happening, and it never will. You were really naive enough to believe that I’m your good Christian girl, huh? But you waited patiently because… come on, look at Me. I’m miles and miles out of your league. And it’s absolutely hilarious that you were clueless of the fact that I’ve been fucking everyone I’ve wanted while you remained abstinent for Me.

You see what’s missing? The ring on My finger. I never intended on marrying you for love. I will use you for the rest of your life as My loyal slave.

Why am I doing this to you? Well, I can spot a beta cuck from a mile away, and you were perfect for My needs and desires. I see that bulge in your pants. Why don’t you take out that cock I refuse to touch, and start stroking while I explain the rest?

You’re so easily manipulated, highly trainable, and too weak to resist Me. The only involvement you’ll have in My sex life is to watch other men fuck Me. You’ll be paying for our dates, too.

Sure, we’re married on paper. You can keep telling everyone that you’ve landed the perfect wife, which is an incredible privilege. But the real privilege is having the opportunity to remain in My life through this very important role.

You’re going to be My subby little slave for life, sweet husband, and you’re not objecting to it, are you?

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Princess Miki - Happy Honeymoon 2

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