Lindsey Leigh - My Sissy Husband

Honey, I really took your concerns regarding our sexual relationship to heart. I know we haven’t been fucking lately and our romance is kind of dying out. So I came up with something that will spice up our marriage. I want u to be my sissy husband. I want us to buy matching pink panties and wear them at the same time. 
I want you to learn how to suck a dick and do it in front of me wearing our matching panties. Of course we will start simple n easy. First you will suck one of my strap ons or dildos. I will teach you the ways, just open your mouth and throat. Once you have mastered that we can invite people into the bedroom, I can watch you be my sissy husband. Perhaps we can even pass you back and forth like a fuck toy. I also think we should lock u when we party with other men. I do not want you to cum until the very end, when we r done with u. I want complete control of your cock. I’m going to hide your chastity keys in my pussy so if you ever want them back u have to lick them out. I know this will spice up our marriage, I want you to be my sissy husband starting today.

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Lindsey Leigh - My Sissy Husband Jerk off me

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