Welcome to my new therapy routine I made especially for my tiny dick losers. Make sure to take notes this will require multiple ongoing visits!

Sydney is your new therapist, and is upset at you because you showed up to your appointment late. She immediately orders you to drop your pants so she can examine your "little" problem. She's no ordinary therapist, apparently. She want's to focus on your inability to control your perverted thoughts, your eyes stuck on her breasts and your utter shame at the size of your tiny cock. She wants you to show her how you masturbate. She wants to really examine your dirty habits to get the root of your issues. You sit there stroking as she's writing down your measurements. 3inch? Fully erect? She can barely hide her laughter, but regains her composure to stay professional, cold and direct.

She tells you you're going to have to cum for her. Not in a fun, sex with an actual girl kind of way, but in a clinical setting, in a little cup, only to extract a sample and document how little and pathetic your loads are. Get used to this new form of direct small dick humiliation therapy loser, she's going to expect you to make lots of future visits so you can get the amount of small dick humiliation therapy you truly need!

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