Jessy - Make Me A Millionaire

Jessy is not content with random tributes, drive-by gifts, random junk bought off her Amazon Wishlist and all the other clichs that come with being a Financial Domme. She wants you losers to make her the first Financial Domme Millionaire.

This is very simple… Jessy wants all of the submissive dorks, pay pigs and inferior LOSERS to pay tribute to Her superior beauty by donating into her Millionaire Fund. Along with her other worker bees, you will donate into the fund day after day and every time you watch this clip. You will feel weaker and weaker as you see Her balance increase, as you look for new ways to contribute. You will look forward to smug video updates from your new Princess as she gets richer and richer and ever further out of your league… >So as you stare at Her perfection now, you know are desperate to turn this greedy, 20 year old Princess into a millionaire and know you are going to pay without question.

MP4 * 262 MB * 00:04:47 * 1920x1080

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