Heather Highborne - Prissy Performance - Full Season 1

I hate you… Your my rival at work… I’m a hot news anchor with hot legs that could ruin you…
Oh, and I’m assigning you a role in the company play… Yes, I’m in charge of it and yes it’s Mandatory! You’ll be playing the role of “The Prissy Prickle Fairy” … Emphasis on the PRICK, haha!
Oh and I know the play two weeks away but since my legs are so hot, I think you should beg me to make you into a sissy starting right now! haha.

Runtime: 1 Hour and 15 Minutes Episode 1: Rivals Revenge
Episode 2: Pink Lingerie
Episode 3: Oh, Stockings Too!
Episode 4: Fairy Dresses
Episode 5: Permanently Nailed
Episode 6: 24-7 Makeup
Episode 7: Prissy Rehearsals

MP4 * 1.75 GB * 01:15:09 * 1920x1080

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