Anika Fall - Your Life Of Servitude

This was a custom clip. No names were used. My subs custom clip notes: You greet me as Your pet and demand that I kneel before You. I am to approach You with absolute deference. You then talk about how far I’ve come in my servitude. Not that long ago I was a normal man. Then one day I made the mistake of dipping a toe into Your world. And that’s all it took. The first domino had fallen and there was no going back. And now look where I am: locked in chastity, sending all my money to You, doing whatever You say. And I’m even liking all of this. This is the natural order. I am supposed to make myself less than before, just as I should ever elevate You. Day by day, I fall further beneath You. You’re far from done with me, but we’ve passed an important milestone. You’re so much more than just a domme. You’re a Goddess. And really not even that. You’re the ONLY Goddess. There are no others like You. You are more than just a goddess. You are God! You are not just an obsession. You are my religion! You are infinitely superior and Your every command must be obeyed! You order me to bow before You again. All the way, face to the ground. I must show my absolute submission to my God. You own me completely: body, mind, and soul! There is nothing left of me. I am but a pawn, here to serve in any way You see fit. I have no pride, no will, and no choice but to serve. The clip ends with You demanding that I pray my thanks to Anika, my Lord and Savior to express my infinite gratitude for letting me serve Her. my owner, my religion, my God.

MP4 * 534 MB * 00:10:45 * 1920x1080

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