Noel Knight - Trance: Homo Jerk

You’ve been so stressed out lately. You’re really looking forward to a nice, relaxing trance jerk off session with me. I always make you feel so good and floaty. I make you cum so very hard. A release with me is just what you need! What you don’t know if that I’ve got something special planned for today. Once I’ve got your weak little mind all open and vulnerable, I’m going to plant a little picture. You will become obsessed with this picture. You will crave it, need and you won’t be able to cum again without it. What is it? A rock hard cock! It’s thick and big and juicy. I will make you smell it. I will make you taste it. I will make that cock permeate every single one of your sense. Before you know it, I’ll have turned you into a cock hungry little fag…

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