Danielle Maye - Rileys First Time

So you have a few dates and tonight’s the night. Your finally going to do it aren’t you.
You’re going to let him fuck you!
Are you feeling nervous? Don’t be its going to be so much fun, why don’t you let me talk you through it. Firstly we need to get you something to wear, definitely some naughty lingerie. Lingerie that’s going to turn him on and get him instantly hard.
Now once you get back you’re going to start with the kiss. Make sure you use your tongue and rub his with your hand gently, let him know you’re ready. Now being that he is a top alpha male he is going to want to take control, but that’s not a bad thing let him use your body like a little slut.
Get to your knees and take his cock in your mouth, start slowly, gently using your mouth. He’s going to facefuck you without a doubt. You can tell with alpha males the love to be in charge. He’ll grab the back of your head and fuck you mouth really hard.
When it’s time he’ll throw you on the bed and it’s all go. Try and start of in a missionary type of position its easier when it’s your first time. Once you’re ready to take that huge cock pounding inside you, turn over put that ass in the air, and he will know you’re ready to take it hard.

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Danielle Maye - Rileys First Time Jerk off me

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