London Lix - Exsanguinated

Some of you have fantasized about being completely rinsed by me, haven't you? Of having your finances chipped away at by my greedy fingers, until you're drained dry. It would scare you to know how easy it is to do this to you. Perhaps I've already begun my assault. Like something making tiny lacerations in your skin, my words cut through your brain. The wounds heal, but when you come back (and you always come back), I can find those weak spots so much easier. I can do my damage more efficiently and you find it harder and harder to repair yourself. Like your energy draining from your body with each injury, making you weaker, your brain becomes drained of its willpower, mindfuck after mindfuck, seductive interaction after seductive interaction. Until you're just a malleable toy for me to use, and when you're drained, for me to toss away. Yes....this is easy. Yes...this is already happening.

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London Lix - Exsanguinated Jerk off me

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