Young Goddess Kim - Goddess Kim’s Breakfast Special

You can tell that I have something planned, as you sit in suspense at the breakfast table with Me, your Goddess. I build up your anticipation, drinking My coffee with a charming, devious smile. Blowing My Smoke in your face. you are so weak for Me, so pathetic, I see your mouth watering for My divine ash I drop to the ground. My legs, My heels, making you weaker. In private you are more than willing and eager to drop to your knees before me. But here in public, you are a nervous wreck afraid of the humiliation that comes with obeying My orders. In private you did something I forbid and you don’t know yet, but I caught you in the act. In public you will face your humiliating punishment. While I eat My breakfast, you will prepare yours. Put your hand in your pants underneath the table. Feel that? That is My property. Now, do as I say to earn your redemption slave. you are going to load a hot sticky mess in your hand for breakfast and lap it up while I laugh at your humiliation. Now, on your knees and thank Me properly for My breakfast special.

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