Sorceress Bebe - Come On In

Bebe has been waiting for you for awhile and I bet you are so excited to see her in bed. Thinking about what she is going to do to you. She has a very nice plan for you but it’s probably not what you expected.

Take down you pants and show Bebe what you have and see what transpires….especially when she locks your cock up in the chastity cage. Wait, did you think you were going to fuck her? You’re going to be locked up indefinitely and she is going to tease you to no end. Making those balls ache and drip. Forever denied.

Does that hurt for you? is it getting tight around your cock? You don’t deserve to have sex or jerk off either. You’re going to be tease mercilessly and given assignments for that tiny little cock of yours.

That poor cock of yours…so sad for you but so satisfying for her.

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