Goddess Alexandra Snow - Lose Your Virginity For Me

There’s this huge stigma associated with men who are virgins. After a certain age, you begin to obsess over losing your virginity. Now if you’re a bit socially awkward, or haven’t had the guts to put yourself out there to a woman, this anxiety only grows. The older you get, the more and more doing the act seems like an impossible task. If you get to a certain age without losing your virginity you’ll be doomed to be fucking your hand forever. So you better go out and get it done. You’re just another pathetic jerk off session away from forever being an insignificant virgin for the rest of your life. You know it affects the way that people see you, right? Not because being a virgin is a bad thing, but because being a virgin slowly saps all of your self-confidence. People see you as this anti-social, awkward, creepy, weirdo and they don’t even know why. There’s something about you older virgins that just gives off this aura of incredible loneliness and weirdness. I don’t care if you have to pay for sex, just get it done.

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Jerk off me

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