Goddess Suvana - Punch My Prom Date!

"Goddess Suvana is putting on lipstick up close with lots of lips licking, pouting, lip close ups throughout and smirking. She is completely mocking, humiliating, degrading, and totally talking down to me because she knows she can and i will let her treat me like dirt because i love her so much!

You tricked me into thinking I was your prom date but you tell me now that you only did it to crush my heart and make my cry for your own cruel amusement! Because you know that I really love you- but you just think its funny cuz i mean absolutely nothing to you. You are actually going to prom with a hot jock that bullies me around and you tell me how you plan on bringing him back to the hotel room to beat me up and then you are going to fuck him in right front of me as I lay on the floor next to the bed crying.

You continue to humiliate me and tell me how much you actually LOVE to make me cry and laugh in my face. It actually TURNS YOU ON for some reason to hurt me emotionally like this- and it makes you enjoy sex with other guys even MORE! So now you plan on mocking me and literally watching me cry WHILE you have sex with your stud jock BF to see if it will give you the best orgasm you have ever had!"

Editing slave's Note: Included segment at end of the jock BF actually coming in and beating you up for Goddess Suvana! Also, this is probably the most emotionally cruel clip Goddess Suvana has ever filmed- and that is saying something!


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