Princess Miki - Humiliating the Homework Slave

I’m the most popular girl in school, and you’re the easily manipulated nerd who often does My homework. It’s a Friday night, and I have no time for school, as I’m going to a big party that you certainly were not invited to. 
You show up to My house, and you use the bathroom. While you’re in the bathroom, I’m bored and find that your phone was left unlocked. Curious to catch a glimpse of a dorky nerd’s life, I snoop a bit and find some hilarious photos, of your micropenis and “muscles.”
You come back and I confront you about these photos, laughing hysterically. You’re utterly embarrassed.
I asked who these dick pics and “flexing” photos were intended for, and you have no answer. I degrade you and humiliate you to no end, rubbing it in your face that even Me, a rather thin girl, could beat you to a pulp in a fight.
I advise that you shouldn’t send any of these to anyone if you were trying to impress a girl, however, I did send them to Myself so I could show others for laughs.
Have fun doing My homework, pindicked sucker.

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